Clinical Funded Projects

A portion of our budget goes to competitive research proposals that support our scientific mission. We consider research proposals that:

  1. Address military-relevant traumatic brain injury (TBI) and/ or its comorbidities 
  2. Exhibit high scientific merit based on potential innovation and impact on the field
  3. Advance and accelerate TBI research that improves recovery of the Warfighter through:
    • fostering collaborative efforts across CNRM investigators
    • leveraging CNRM resources
    • facilitating synergistic efforts with other Military Health System activities

Below are summaries of our active clinical funded projects.

Active Clinical Funded Projects

Improving Sleep Using Bright Light Therapy

Principal Investigators: Jessica Gill PhD, RN, FAAN; Miranda Lim, MD, PhD
Aims: Tests the effect several at-home, easy to use devices have on sleep and cognition in veterans with or without a history of TBI. 
Research Locations: Oregon Health and Sciences University and the VA Portland Health Care System; however, this study is also able to be conducted remotely

Investigating the Biological Mechanisms of Alpha-delta Sleep

Principal Investigators: David Brody, MD, PhD; Jackie Gottshall, PhD
Aims: Alpha-delta sleep is a poorly understood electroencephalogram sleep pathology that has been associated with non-restorative sleep. This study aims to 1). Characterize the prevalence and epidemiology of alpha-delta sleep following a traumatic brain injury and 2). Evaluate the relationship alpha-delta sleep has with slow wave sleep and wakeful cognitive performance.

Noninvasive Detection and Localization of Cortical Spreading Depolarizations

Principal Investigators: David Brody, MD, PhD; Mihika Gangolli, PhD; Dzung Pham, PhD (mentor)

Aim: Develop and test a diffusion MRI methodology that can noninvasively monitor cortical spreading depolarizations (e.g. changes that take place in the brain during migraine auras).

Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories to Resolve Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Principal Investigator: Michael Roy, MD, MPH, COL (Ret)
Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories in reducing post-traumatic stress disorder symptom severity in active duty or retired service members.
Location: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; however, this study is also able to be conducted remotely