Study Participation

Improving the lives of service members with traumatic brain injury (TBI) requires a team effort and, if possible, we’d love your help.

We’re passionate about research because it can enhance the lives of persons impacted by TBI. Study participation is vital because it allows these enhancements to become a reality for those in need. We deeply value our relationships with prospective, current, and past study participants—we couldn’t exist without their help. To date, we’ve enrolled over 9,000 research participants, the majority of whom are service members from all over the U.S. Our clinical studies are divided into two main categories:

1. Observational/natural history studies

2. Interventional trials

Observational studies assess participants as they are. No added treatments or drugs are administered. Participants in these studies might experience neuroimaging evaluations, blood draws, and/or medical assessments. The information gathered from these studies improves our understanding of TBI and identifies possible avenues to explore in clinical trials. Interventional trials test the efficacy of therapies, drugs, or other treatments. Persons in these studies might participate in treatments that involve bright light therapy, or the use of a smart phone mobile application

Finding a clinical study that suits your needs can be confusing and time-consuming. We created a user-friendly registry called TBI Research Opportunities and Outreach for Participation in Studies (TROOPS) to simplify study participation. 

Our TROOPS registry connects individuals who are interested in participating in TBI research with studies that meet their  interests and needs. When you participate in TROOPS, you’ll only receive information about studies you’re eligible for. Signing up to be a part of the TROOPS registry is quick, simple, confidential, and completely non-obligatory. You’re never required to participate in any of the studies you receive notice about. Learn more about TROOPS by visiting its website at