Preclinical Funded Projects

A portion of our budget goes to competitive research proposals that support our scientific mission. We consider research proposals that:

  1. Address military-relevant traumatic brain injury (TBI) and/ or its comorbidities
  2. Exhibit high scientific merit based on potential innovation and impact on the field
  3. Advance and accelerate TBI research that improves recovery of the Warfighter through:
    • fostering collaborative efforts across CNRM investigators
    • leveraging CNRM resources
    • facilitating synergistic efforts with other Military Health System activities

Below are summaries of our active preclinical CNRM funded projects. 

Active Preclinical Funded Projects

Meningeal and Neurovascular Responses to Blast-induced Traumatic Brain Injury
Principal InvestigatorJoseph McCabe, Ph.D.
Aim: To examine the relationship among meningeal disruption, opening of the blood brain barrier, and activation of an inflammatory response. Test the effectiveness of an anti-inflammatory compound that might potentially reduce the actions of invading molecules.
Keywords: Blood brain barrier; neuroinflammation; advanced blast simulator; neurodegeneration

The Neural Basis for Post-traumatic Headache and its Link to Anxiety and Depression
Principal InvestigatorAlexander Chesler, Ph.D.
Aim: To functionally dissect the classes of sensory neurons targeting the meninges to better understand the changes they undergo post-injury. It will also determine how these changes affect the neural circuits in the brain and determine the effect these neurons have on headache, anxiety, and depression.
Keywords: headache; migraine; meningeal nociceptors; neural circuits; TBI; depression; anxiety