Translational Therapeutics Core

Our Translational Therapeutics Core is a state-of-the-science paradigm for the preclinical testing of traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatments. It has created a standardized TBI mouse model that will be soon used to conduct interventional trials that yield fast, high quality, and decisive results.

The Core will conduct these trials with help from preclinical TBI behavioral assessment and neuroimaging experts at the Uniformed Services University. The trials will be designed with outcome measures that are relevant for translation to humans. Promising candidate treatments will be shared with our Clinical Trials Unit, accompanied with the supporting data and techniques required for planning early phase clinical trials.

The Core also works closely with our Informatics Core to generate preclinical data management that enhances data sharing, data quality, and statistical analysis. Last but certainly not least, they also provide instructional and consultative services to CNRM-funded and collaborative investigators.